The news this morning was certainly enough to bring me down. Four, count them, four stories in today's news about kids hurt or put in dangerous situations.  Lets start with the Laurel man who was driving drunk with an 8 year old child in the car.  He said he only had one beer at a softball game and had a breath sample of 0.149.  That's one powerful beer.  Next, a Billings father is charged "years" of abuse on his 5 year old son. This guy takes his son to the hospital with hypothermia, fractured ribs, was underweight and had injuries that suggest he may have been tied up.  Our next winners are a tag team.  Parents charged with breaking their 5 month old child's femur were given deferred sentences.  Finally a man is charged with killing a 6 month old he was babysitting.  The autopsy showed multiple blunt force trauma injuries, retinal hemorrhaging in the eyes and genital and multiple bruises.  Now, after reading this you are probably down or like me, ticked off!  I have 4 kids age 12 to 23 and have raised a couple of nephews along my kids as well.  Notice in three of theses cases the ages are 5 years, 6 months and 5 months.  As I sat and read theses stories I had to think back to when my kids were those ages.  My mind can't wrap around someone who would do these things to children.  My suggestion is that if you think you want to have children, both of you go to a busy daycare every day for a week.  If you can't handle that, you might not be a candidate as a parent.  That's only one filter test, I'm sure I could come up with another 20.

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