Anticipating summertime in Montana is much like lighting a fuse on a big string of fireworks. The built-up fuel is there and all it takes is the spark of the first hot day to get things lit. With just three months (give or take) of truly hot weather, we like to cram a maximum amount of fun into those 90 days as we can.

Most of us enjoy is getting out on the water during those long summer days. Maybe you prefer a drift boat on the Big Horn, a jet boat on the Yellowstone or heading to Fort Peck with dreams of filling your cooler with massive fish. Others might prefer a kayak, stand-up paddle board or maybe a good old inner-tube and a lazy day floating the river. Whatever your preferred mode of hitting the water is this summer, we want you to have a good time.

Michael Foth - Townsquare Media
Michael Foth - Townsquare Media

Win one of these sweet Twisted Tea floating islands.

With our pals at Twisted Tea, Townsquare Media, Billings would like to give you a chance to Twist Up The River with a sweet floaty. We've scored four (4) to giveaway to lucky listeners. These awesome, inflatable party-pads are over 12 feet long, and feature a removable sunshade, cooler bag, mesh bottom, backrests and 8 cupholders (for Twisted Tea, of course). Enter below.

Credit: Twisted Tea
Credit: Twisted Tea
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So many great rivers to float in Montana.

We might not have legendary beaches, but we do have some pretty awesome water in Montana. Some popular spots for floating include:

  • Cooney. Sure, it gets crowded on weekends, but you can be on the water in less than an hour from Billings.
  • The Yellowstone. Spring runoff is about to make the river fairly dangerous, but give it a month or two and the waterway in our backyard will be filled with floaters.
  • The Madison. One of the busiest rivers in the state, the calm, fairly shallow water makes this river a popular floating spot.
  • The Missouri. A bit of a drive from Billings, the Missouri offers many incredible sections to float or fish.
  • Yellowtail. Montana's baby Grand Canyon is pretty spectacular, with beautiful, hidden little coves along the shores. Those on the braver side can cliff dive off the spectacular rocks.

Remember, always "get twisted" responsibly. You must be 21+ to enter this contest. Prizes will be awarded no later than 6/11/21. Floating rivers can be dangerous and this inflatable is not recommended for rough water. Always wear a lifejacket.

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