The WWE is the leader in wrestling entertainment. It's been the top dog in the industry for years. The wrestlers are big, tough and have well-defined characters. The WWE was in Dallas, Texas, this past Monday for 'Monday Night Raw'.

Triple H, a longtime wrestler, is now the WWE Chief Operating Officer. His character on the show is not a nice guy. At the beginning of 'Raw,' Triple H announced a match in which John Cena had to face a three-on-one match against Seth Rollins, Kane and Big Show.

The impending doom for John Cena was too much for one his young fans, and the boy, who was sitting in the front row, began crying. Triple H then broke character and comforted the young man.

The boy also apparently got some WWE swag and a trip backstage to meet some of the wrestlers. To top it all off, John Cena ended up winning the match!

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