Waze users can get directions from Santa from now through the end of the month, and it's easy to set up. It will be good practice for him as he learns the way to our houses.

We aren't going to as many holiday parties this year and most of the time we know where we're going, but still.  Waze is helpful when we need to know how long it's going to take to get to the next great Christmas light display and whether or not there's anything in the way.  And the next time you head out, jolly ole Santa can be the one that gives you directions.

Waze has Santa as a navigation voice option until Dec. 31, and during that time Waze will also let you turn your car icon into Santa's sleigh on the map.  If you switch on a new Santa "mood" it will let other drivers around you know you're feeling festive because you'll be the one with a little beard and hat on the app map.

Santa must speed, right?  He hits every house in the world in one night, so he's gotta be clockin' at least 80.  Or so.  But he probably knows the roads, speed cameras, and sneaky detours around the neighborhood pretty well too.  No rooftops on Waze, I'm sure.

To switch on the new holiday features according to Mashable, just hit the search magnifying glass icon, select "Drive with Santa," and turn whichever of the three features you'd like on.

There are a few seasonal themes to pick from.

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