There at least five sure-fire ways to tell if you're from Billings.

You know you'r'e from Billings when ...

  • the best action on a Saturday night is heading to the dirt track to see some Late Models run at the Billings Motorsports Park. What a great time.
  • when you drink more beer than most in any other town! Ha Ha. I'll have a Coors Stubby, please!
  • when it's summer and on a Wednesday you can't find a biker anywhere unless you head to Billings Bike Night. What a large time.
  • when you work as hard as the guy in New York (or just about any town) doing the same job and make half of what he does. Billings is growing in every way: size, crime and many new businesses, but the boss man don't think you need any money to live on. A raise? What is that?
  • when you can't walk a block downtown without someone asking you for a smoke or cash. Hey, get real. Take one of those low-paying jobs like the rest of us!

Ain't Life Grand!