My wife and I happened to be out in downtown Billings last Friday night and we both commented how alive the town felt. It was the first we've noticed so much activity since COVID abruptly interrupted normal activities last year. Restaurants and bars were busy, parking lots were full and pedestrians were strolling around, enjoying a mild spring evening.  After a year of being cooped up, it seems like everyone has the same idea of getting out and doing stuff again.

ZooMontana is jumping back to somewhat normal this year too, announcing on Facebook today (4/12) a large list of events that are officially on the calendar for spring and summer 2021.

Here are some of the big ones:

  • Free admission for all moms on Mother's Day 5/9
  • Free admission for veterans on Memorial Day 5/31
  • Free admission for all dads on Father's Day 6/20
  • Koe Wetzel, a Pub Station concert, 6/24
  • A Wild Affair (ZooMontana's annual fundraiser event) 8/7
  • Montana Renaissance Festival 9/4 and 9/5
  • Ales for Trails 9/10

Kiwanis Movies Under the Stars events are held monthly May - September and there are Family Fun Nights in June, July and August.

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Zoo admission is $11 for adults, children (3-15) is $8. Age 2 and under is free. Senior and military discounts are also available. Special events may require tickets. About ZooMontana,

ZooMontana is a zoological/botanical garden, accredited arboretum and educational facility in Billings Montana. We are dedicated to the conservation of wildlife throughout Montana and the 45th parallel of earth. ZooMontana cares for over 80 animals of 56 different species, including Amur Tigers, Grizzly Bear, Wolverine, River Otters, Takin, and Canada Lynx, among others, most of which are rescues.

The zoo was a great place for socially distanced activities during COVID. It's even more fun with many of the extra activities returning for 2021.

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