The following post was written by Livin' Large Larry of 97.1 KBEAR:

10 years on the radio at the same station is a major accomplishment. When your first day on the station, 970 AM, KBUL, is on 9-11, 2001 it makes it even more memorable.

September 11, 2001 was the first day that the husband and wife team of Tommy B and Bell began the Morning Bulletin. At a celebration this week at the station, Tommy said:

Our first show was 32 minutes long, and then the tragedy of the day started.

To achieve the milestone of 10 years together as a morning team is huge, but Tommy and Bell will be the first to tell you that the day, 9-11 is even more important. As a fellow broadcaster and co-worker with Tommy and Bell, I am very proud of them and their accomplishment. I wish them well as they continue on air together and in life together. Tommy and Bell and the Morning Bulletin is one of the most recognizable morning shows in Billings and surrounding communities. Their crazy passion and unselfishness for informative radio is what has made them a success on the air and in the community.

So this week, as a staff we honor them by giving them a very cool plant from Gainan's, (plus the cake was tasty too) a plant that will stay in their Newsradio studio to grow as their radio show grows every day for the next 10 years. But each year, on 9-11, it is an anniversary of emotional feelings. Carry on radio troopers!

They grew up, got married, and are living happily ever after on The Morning Bulletin 6am-9am weekday mornings. Bell still drives a Ford. Tommy is now too old to join the navy.