Organizers of this weekend's Richard Dreyfest Music Festival sure know how to promote a show.  You can't go anywhere in Billings without seeing pictures of the legendary actor they named their festival after (for no reason at all, other than that fact DreyFUSS and DrewFEST sound similar).  Those clever hipsters.

For the next three nights, the following bands:

The Budgets
Mr.Dad (Minot, ND)
Trigger Itch (Boise, ID)
Merica Strata
Supercrimes (Minot, ND)
Haints in the Holler (Richmond, VA)
Muff Dive (Missoula, MT)
Wrecks Goliath (Missoula, MT)
Saul Conrad (Jamaica Plain, MA)
I’ve had better
justinedrugs (Fort Collins, CO) -
Nora and the Janitors (Bismarck, ND)
Medicine Bow (Laramie, WY)
Duchovny (Greeley, CO)
Idaho Green
S.S. WEB (Milwaukee, WI) -
Part Time Ninjas
Caged Bird Songs (Laramie, WY)
Ando Ehlers (Seattle, WA)
Deadnecks Montana
Reid Perry
The Helligans (Great Falls, MT)
Zip Bomb (Minot, ND)
Gang Member (Bozeman, MT)
Bad Hex (Spokane, WA)
Lawrence, Jennifer (Grand Forks, ND)
Electrician (Oakland, CA)
Halfway Killed
Show For Nobody
Echo’s Answer (Minot, ND)
Johnny Hoffman and the Residents (Everett, WA)
Spooky Action Space Captain (Chicago, IL)
Birds Are Okay
Hundred Heads (Chicago, IL)

will play at the following venues:

July 31st: 5:00 pm The Railyard
8:00 pm Black Sparrow Tattoo Club
August 1st: 3:00 pm Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co.
6:00 pm The Mule Skinner – 301 S. 26th St.
August 2nd: 3:00 pm The Mule Skinner

Sounds like a cool event.  And, of course, any excuse to post pictures of Richard Dreyfuss all over town is a good one.

For more info on the festival, check out their website.