I don't have a cable subscription nor do I own a satellite. My movie and television enjoyment comes from my Video On Demand (VOD) options and my DVD/Blu-ray collection. I'm a subscriber to both Netflix and Hulu+, combined they cost me roughly $16 a month and I'm even able to keep up with some current shows on television!

I've got a pretty wide range of tastes and I spend a lot of time trolling through the depths of Netflix,  to find some amazing gems that don't always see the light of appreciation like they should. So I've decided I would start sharing some of my recommendations with all of you!

Today's recommendation is a Home Run and probably will come as not much of a surprise to a lot of you. 'Arrested Development' is easily one of the most unique and hilarious shows ever created. And right now you can watch all three seasons on both Netflix and Hulu.

After you've polished off all three seasons, you're starving for more, and you begin to panic; I've got good news for you! It was recently announced that Netflix purchased the rights to the show and is now producing a whole new season!  

Here is but a very small taste of the insanity and hilarity that is 'Arrested Development':