If you haven't been to the Billings craigslist page recently, you're missing out on some of the most bizarre people in the Magic City.  As part of our ongoing series, here are some of the best "Missed Connections" posts from the past month.

1.  This classy gentleman wants to connect with the girl he saw working at the Burger King on King
"Your name is Britney.  I was with my girlfriend but couldn't stop staring at you."

2.  It was love at first sight at the 27th Street Albertsons
"I just saw you and, if first impressions mean anything, then wow. It was at Albertsons on 27th around 12 on the 23rd of January. You were tall, brown hair, wearing a pink top and skirt. You looked at me and I was just a deer in the headlights. You're absolutely gorgeous.  I wish I had a moment to say hello. Hopefully you'll see this and I'll get that chance. I'll keep my fingers crossed."

3.  You never know who you're going to meet in the automotive section at  Wal-Mart
"To the girl I helped in the auto dept yesterday get a air filter for her car: I know this is a long shot but I tried to find ya after so I could put the filter in your car."

4.  They call him Doctor Love
"You work at St Vincent's. I have seen you in ICU. You carry a yellow water bottle. You wear tan pants and nice button up shirts. I have smiled at you a few times."

5.  This young lady has a confession to make (I swear we don't make this stuff up, this is an actual post)
"I'm pretty positive I have the world's longest pubic hair. I've been growing it out since the tender age of 8. I groom it daily with olive oil and a brush. I'm looking for a man with a long ZZ top beard so we can braid our hairs together in a fishtail braid and be forever together."

There you have it, straight from our local Craigslist page, the Best of Billings Missed Connections for the past month.  Join us again next month for another thrilling installment.