Like most Broncos fans, yesterday was fun.  Until about 4:38 pm.  Then it started to suck. And it went downhill from there.

I watched the game with a couple of fellow Broncos fans here in Billings, an awesome couple named Nate and Jenna.  Jenna is a phenomenal cook and she was inspired by the "Snackadium" we built a couple weeks ago.  Jenna is also the mother of two elementary school children, so she knows a thing or two about building "arts and crafts".  Her Snackadium blew ours away.

The Hawk Snackadium was cool, and it was fun to make. But ours has nothing on Nate and Jenna's.

Sadly, the enthusiasm was short lived.  From the first play, Denver was thoroughly outplayed.  Which meant that Nate and I were forced to start drinking heavily.  After consuming about 18 Bud Lights, I was proud of Nate for the way he responded to the loss.  Sure, he was disappointed, but he didn't break anything.  In a way, it was almost a good thing that the Broncos got blown out.  If we had lost a close game, it might have been even more heartbreaking.

Of course, as hard as yesterday was for Broncos fans, today was even tougher.  Waking up for work after drinking half a bottle of whiskey is difficult, especially on a cold and snowy day.  Fortunately for him, my buddy Nate was smart enough to take the day off work.