Hey Hawk Rockers, I'm the new guy here on 103.7.  I'll be the idiot on your radio every afternoon and I apologize in advance for the stupid comments that will spew from my big, fat mouth.

I have lived all over the country and after one week here in Billings, I gotta say, this is a strange place.  The very first meal I had in this town was called  the "Blackened Sabbath Burger".  It was on omen.  Later that day, I went to a local establishment that serves as a bar, a casino and a liquor store. I've never seen a liquor store inside of a bar before.  I've seen stores that sell liquor, guns, ammo and fireworks...but never a liquor store inside of a bar.  What an awesome idea.  Headed home after a few brews?  Why not take a bottle to go?  It was then I realized that I'm gonna like it here.

And speaking of casinos, we clearly need more of those in Billings.  Good googly, moogly!  I think there might be more slot machines here than Reno or Vegas.

And what's up with the crazy beer laws here?  Let me get this straight, you can buy beer in a grocery store, but not a liquor store?  As an admitted "beer snob", I have tried some outstanding local microbrews and I look forward to trying them all.  Too bad I can only have 3.  Last call at 8?  Seriously?  But I can go across the street to a bar and drink til 2 am?  Several locals have tried to explain the politics behind those laws to me, but after a few pops, I had no idea what they were talking about.

Oh well. Billings is a weird town, but in a good way.  It has it's own style and I dig it.  So far, I've met a bunch of cool people and I'm pumped to meet all of the Billings rockers.