Monday night, while we were broadcasting live at the Grandstand Casino Sportsbar in Billings for their "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party", we met a man named Kevin.  Kevin is a good guy, but he isn't very bright.  His buddies talked him into taking the Grandstand's "Hot Wings Challenge".

This is Kevin's "before picture"

The Hot Wings Challenge consists of 6 chicken wings, doused in ghost pepper oil, one of the hottest substances on the planet.  In order to win the challenge, each contestant must eat 6 wings in a period of 5 minutes, without the benefit of a beverage, and then sit for another 5 minutes without drinking any water or milk.

The Grandstand requires everyone foolish enough to accept the challenge to sign a liability release.  The wings are so hot, one of the cooks who was making them almost got sick, just by smelling the ghost pepper oil.

The cooks won't even touch these wings. This poor guy almost got sick just smelling the wings in the kitchen.

Poor Kevin never had a chance.  He bravely finished one wing, then he began shaking.  As his friends took turns cheering him on and laughing at his obvious discomfort, beads of sweat began pouring down Kevin's face.  Finally, after several minutes and a couple more bites, Kevin started breathing heavily.  He then threw up his hands in defeat and ran to the restroom.

Kevin throws in the towel

After washing his face and hands, he returned to the table and drank several glasses of milk.  For nearly 30 minutes after his failed attempt, he was sweating profusely, shaking and dry heaving.  According to the staff, the real torture came the morning after the Hot Wing Challenge.  Word is, they're just as hot coming out as they are going in.

To add insult to injury, Kevin told us that he had to work at 6 am the following morning.  Somehow, we get the feeling he had a rough day at the office on Tuesday.