Like a lot of Broncos fans in Billings, I like to watch the games over at Tiny's Tavern on 4th avenue.  It's the quintessential Broncos bar of Billings and it's always packed on game day with rowdy, and usually, jubilant fans.

However, some of those fans don't know how lucky they are to have a winning team to root for.  Last night, as Denver suffered a rare defeat against San Diego, I saw several visibly distraught, despondent Broncos fans acting like one game had cost them the entire season.  Then I heard a guy scream, "Peyton Manning, you suck".

Now it's one thing to be upset after a loss.  But to suggest that the star quarterback who resurrected your favorite franchise sucks because he threw one interception (on a play where his arm was hit by a pass rusher) is ludicrous.  When I reminded this guy that Manning was on pace to set a single season record for touchdown passes, he responded by saying that "at least Tim Tebow won a playoff game".

Really?  Have Broncos fans become so spoiled that we can't appreciate one of the greatest performers of all time?  I tried to remind him that we have clinched a playoff spot and will be the favorites to win the AFC.  That wasn't good enough for him.

So here's some advice for my fellow Broncos fans.  Quit acting like that whiny punk Phillip Rivers when things don't go your way.  It's okay to cheer for your team.  It's okay to be upset when they lose.  But don't pretend it's the end of the world, because it's not even the end of the season.  You're not a Raiders fan, don't behave like one.