The following post was written by Livin' Large Larry of 97.1 KBEAR.

It was brought to my attention late last week that 3 TownSquare Media, Billings programmers were about to receive an award from The Society Of Montana Broadcast Legends in Helena. Well this weekend it happened. Congratulations to Major Dan Miller from KBear and The Breakfast Flakes on Cat Country!

The press release said that:

Dan is one of the true pioneers in Billings Broadcasting.

Yes he is! Dan's dedication to true "oldies" each Saturday at 6:00am during Miller's Great Gold, shows his unstoppable passion for this industry.

Congratulations to Cat Country102.9 morning icons, The Breakfast Flakes, Mark and Paul too as they were recognized for their contribution to the Billings area for serving over 1,500 meals at the annual Flake's Giving.

...and during the awards this past weekend in Helena, it should also be noted that Mark Wilson's dad, Dave Wilson was also honored for his contribution to radio in Great Falls. Dave retired last year but his legend still lives on and still resides in Great Falls.

I am proud, as a fellow broadcaster and co-workers with Dan, Mark and Paul to say way to go, much deserved!