My girlfriend has a dog named Fred.  Like a lot of older dogs, he struggles with occasional bouts of flatulence.  When he breaks wind, the pungent odor can hit your nostrils like a punch in the face.  Normally, most dog farts fall under the category of "silent but deadly", however, a dog will occasionally rip an audible fart.

Three separate times this weekend, Fred's farts broke the sound barrier. It was then that I witnessed something I have never seen before.  Upon hearing the sound of his own rectal fury, Fred became confused.  He appeared to have no idea that the strange noise had eminated from his own butt.  Instead, he jumped up off of the ground, seemingly shocked and somewhat frightened by the thunderous sound of his flatulence.  It was hysterical.

Admittedly, I have smelled many rancid dog farts over the years.  Several times, I have heard dogs rip loud ones.  I have even been mistakenly blamed for cutting one myself.  But I have never seen a dog who was shaken by the sound of his own gas.

I wanted to know how common it was for dogs to react to the sound of their own farts.  To my surprise, it happens all of the time.  There are, literally, hundreds of websites devoted to the subject of dogs who are scared of their own gas.  I even found a a few hilarious compilations of dogs reacting to their own farts, including this fantastic YouTube video.    So, if you have a flatulent dog, don't worry if he or she is frightened of their own farts.  Evidently, it's quite common.