Big Sky Worldview Forum’s Voter Guide
I've had several folks in Billings and Yellowstone County email or call the show asking for more information about who to vote for in the upcoming elections. They especially want to know who to vote for when it comes to judicial races.
Get Tix: Great Lineup for Navy Ball in Billings!
Did you watch the movie Battleship with pop music star Rhianna? In the movie, you may recall an incredible wounded warrior wearing an Army t-shirt. He's a real life wounded warrior and Army Colonel Greg Gadson, and he'll be speaking at the upcoming Navy Ball in Billings.
What The Heck
I did a blog not too long about never seeing these guys around in Montana until recently. Now I have a green one and a brown one hanging around the house like they were pets. They have been hanging around for about a week now.
65 Years: Stockman Bank Statewide Open House on Friday
Stockman Bank CEO Bill Coffee recently joined us on our "Montana Talks" statewide radio talk show with Aaron Flint. We talked jobs, the economy, and what he has been seeing and hearing all across the state. We also covered the remarkable 65 year history of Stockman Bank in Montana.
Have You Seen These Guys Around?
Well just a couple of weeks ago these guys were everywhere around my place. When I moved up to Montana in the late 70s or early 80s (i can't remember emagine that) I never saw any Mantises around here. Now in the last couple of years they are everywhere this time of year...
Have You Seen These Guys?
Well just a couple of weeks ago these guy's were everywhere around my place. Not sure what they grow up to be but I am thinking a large moth! They are rather large and I was thinking what great catfish bait!

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