It's no secret. We live in a world where technology is at our fingertips at every given moment of our life. It can a be plus, but it can also distract from what's most important.

When I was a kid going through school, I had a hard enough time keeping focused on the task at hand without having a smartphone tempting me away.

I believe kids should have communication. Being notified of emergencies or being able to get in touch with a parent at the appropriate times is necessary.

However, I do not think kids in school should be surfing Facebook, Twitter or other social networks while listening to their teachers. I believe that is a distraction that is not needed.

I would even go as far as saying the teachers shouldn't be on these sites during school hours.

Now to take a step further.

During the summer, many school districts across the country implemented new rules for social networking between teachers, coaches and students. Some schools have banned social media interaction between teachers and students in order to cut down on the potential of inappropriate relationships.

What do you think? Should teachers and students be banned here in Billings from interacting on social networks with each other or just in general? Do you know any students who got themselves in trouble?

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