Have You Seen These Guys Around?
Well just a couple of weeks ago these guys were everywhere around my place. When I moved up to Montana in the late 70s or early 80s (i can't remember emagine that) I never saw any Mantises around here. Now in the last couple of years they are everywhere this time of year...
Have You Seen These Guys?
Well just a couple of weeks ago these guy's were everywhere around my place. Not sure what they grow up to be but I am thinking a large moth! They are rather large and I was thinking what great catfish bait!
Bring on the Debates
Montana Republican and Democratic candidates for seats in the U.S. House and Senate have agreed to participate in debates this fall
President Trump is Coming to Montana
Trump's campaign said in a statement that the president will speak about tax cuts, illegal immigration and other topics at the rally at 4 p.m. Thursday at Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls.

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