For the price of two or three drinks at a bar, you could get completely HAMMERED drinking at home by yourself, and with no pants on!

But just HOW MUCH do bars mark up their drinks?  Well, here are the stats.  And it's basically 300 to 400 PERCENT across the board.  But here's how it breaks down.

1.  With beer, you get the most for your money if you order an import in a bottle.  Premium bottled beers have an average markup of 300%, other bottled beers are around 400%, for a regular draft beer it's 456%, and for premium drafts it's 355%.

2.  With mixed drinks, again you actually get more for your money if you order GOOD liquor.  Drinks with expensive booze are marked up about 300%, compared to drinks with well liquor at 456%.

3.  If you buy a shot, they're marked up about 400%, regardless of the brand.

4.  And with wine, the markup is 350% if you buy it by the glass, 203% if you buy a bottle, and 150% if you buy a GOOD bottle.

So a good bottle of wine has the SMALLEST markup.  And the BIGGEST markups are on cheap draft beers and mixed drinks.

It's your call. Pull up your pants and make sure you're wallet is stuffed with excess cash, or just finish that plastic bottle of vodka left over from last years birthday debacle and pass out right in the comfort of your own puke... right where you started!


(Business Insider)