Quick.  Name the most commonly stolen item in this country.  Cars?  Cell Phones?  Laptops?  Jewelry?  Electronics?  Money?  Nope, it's lighters.  If you're a smoker, you have probably been the victim of lighter theft too many times to count.

Of course, the vicious cycle continues when you find yourself pocketing someone else's lighter without even thinking about it.  Sadly, lighter theft has become such a common part of our everyday lives that we do it subconsciously.  So, what can be done to combat this epidemic?

We could lobby the Bic corporation to install GPS technology in their lighters.  But that would drive up the prices for consumers.  We could deliberately buy the ugliest lighter at the convenience store, hoping that no grown man would actually steal a pink lighter.  Or we could educate the public about lighter awareness.

Lighter awareness is a two step process.  First, smokers need to do a better job of guarding our own lighters against any would be thieves.  The second step isn't nearly as easy.  We need to be conscious of our own actions when handling another person's lighter.  When a person automatically pockets a lighter without first considering who that lighter might belong to, we all lose.

In order to promote the concept of lighter awareness, I'm calling on all smokers to join L.A.N.D.  "Lighter Awareness Now, Dammit" is a grass roots movement committed to responsible lighter use.  Only by educating the public about this important subject can we help rid society of the scourge that is lighter theft.

The L.A.N.D. movement does not require any paperwork, registration, dues, fees or a membership card to join.  All we ask is this,  the next time you borrow a lighter or lend your lighter to someone else, do your best to be aware of that lighter at all times.  Lighter Awareness Now, Dammit.