If your dog has ever chewed up an old pair of shoes, or maybe a couch pillow, just be thankful you’re not this guy.  Last year, Wayne Klinkel and his family were enjoying the Christmas holidays at their home in Helena when $500 in cash came up missing.  Turns out, the missing money wasn’t the handiwork of a smooth criminal, but rather the family’s beloved Golden Retriever, Sundance.

Determined to recover his money, Wayne began the dirtiest deed of his entire life.  For weeks, he followed Sundance around the yard, collecting remnants of the lost loot with his trusty pair of rubber gloves.   Eventually, he was able to piece together the fragments of each $100 bill, which were then meticulously cleaned, dried and later sent to the Federal Treasury.

Yesterday, his efforts finally paid off when Wayne received a $500 reimbursement check in the mail.  We don’t even want to know what the Treasure Department did to that check before they mailed it off.