We're now exactly two weeks away from Paul McCartney's sold out show in Missoula. If you don't have tickets yet, and you can't afford to scalper prices on StubHub, we've got 3 chances for you to win 'em.

Of course, submissions for our McCartney-oke contest continue through Sunday.  Just get your smartphone, hit record, sing your favorite McCartney or Beatles song and send it to us (use the McCartney-oke on the homepage).

Now, if you don't have a smartphone, or you can't figure out how it works.  Tomorrow night from 6 to 8, we'll have a karaoke machine out at Montana Lil's up on Main Street in the Heights.  If you're willing to sing, we'll record your performance and enter you in the contest for lower lever tickets, a hotel room on the night of the show and a $100 gas card to get you Missoula and back.

While we're at Montana Lil's, we'll also give away tickets the easy way.  Just stop by between 6 and 8, put your name in the box and hopefully we'll pick you.

Then on Sunday, we'll have another shot for you to win tickets at Tiny's Tavern on 4th Avenue.  Sam Talkington and I will be there washing down cold ones from 5 to 7 pm.  Sign up to win and hopefully, we'll draw your name.

There you go.  3 chances to win tickets.  Good luck.