Good news for Zeppelin fans.  In a recent interview, Robert Plant claims to have discovered some long lost studio tracks and he's using them blackmail his former band mate John Paul Jones.  Two of the previously unreleased songs feature John Paul Jones on vocals, which could be potentially embarrassing for the legendary bassist.

Plant joked that Jones is bargaining with him to prevent those songs from being released publicly.  "So far, he's up to giving me two cars and a greenhouse not to get them on the album," Plant told Classic Rock Magazine.  He then playfully suggested that those studio sessions could be included in an upcoming Zeppelin box set, "Oh, John, wherever you are.  You can’t wait to hear yourself singing all over the world! La la la la la la la."

Hopefully, Plant's latest find might help convince the reluctant singer to join Jones, Jimmy Page and John Bonham's son Jason for another Zeppelin reunion.  Don't hold your breath for that, though.