Congratulations Travis Bird!

Over 500 people showed up at Beartooth Harley-Davidson/Buell to watch Sam and me draw 52 names and let each of those qualifiers pick a card.  Then one by one, a matching deck determined who was not going to win a Harley.  The longer they kept a hold of their card, the bigger the prize...but NOT a Harley.  In the end there were only two.  One got a weekend at Sturgis, but Travis won the Harley.

We couldn't have done it without Matt Brubaker hauling the bike around, or the sales gals Monique, Monica, Donna and Karen.  Jess got some web action happening and took some great facebook photos.

Bell did a great job on the auction and other details.  Your generous bids raised $600 for Relay for Life.  Thank you. 

Thanks to all of the qualifiers and their friends and family  for supporting our sponsors and coming to the party.     See you next time!