With Slash playing a concert in Stoke-on-Trent in England next weekend, his British relatives have been reminiscing about the guitar great’s time in Britain. Slash, who was born in Hampstead in 1965, spent his early years traveling between Los Angeles and England with his parents – Tony, an artist, and Ola, a costume designer. 

According to the Independent as the young Saul Hudson neared school age, he was sent to live with is grandparents near Stoke.

“He came to Blurton to live with his gran because he needed an education,” said Ian Hudson, Slash’s uncle.

Slash stood out from the crowd, even as a kid. “He wore denim trousers and a corduroy jacket and had this thick head of hair, so girls were keen on him and the lads right jealous. But he was a gentle, loving, nice boy,” said Uncle Ian.

Ann Espley, one of Slash’s British cousins, said: “I have VIP tickets so will get to meet him backstage after. I last saw him when he very little. He was a very cute child, with beautiful hair, but quite boisterous.”

Slash has his own memories of his Stoke clan, as he recalled in his autobiography: “When we [Guns N’ Roses] played Wembley stadium in 1992, the Hudson clan came out in force: backstage before the show I witnessed one of my uncles, my cousin and my grandfather down every drop of liquor in our dressing room.”