Your First Album
I am sure you remember the first album you bought with your own money.  Money that you earned from cleaning toilets, maybe mowing lawns or whatever chores your parents complied for you.
My first album that I wore out, yeah I bought it more than once from wear...
Van Halen Live Album Details Revealed
Van Halen will release what the band is calling its "definitive live album" on March 31 -- the same date they're scheduled to begin a six-album remaster series with reissues of 'Van Halen' and '1984.'
12 “Flawless” Albums That Don’t Have Any Bad Songs
Not many people like to buy whole albums anymore, and that's partially because digital music is focused on SINGLES, and since we entered the digital age, a lot of albums are just rushed out with a ton of FILLER.
So, today we have a list of albums that some people think have NO filler, and are pa…
Led Zeppelin ‘IV’ Makes Return to Billboard 200 After 25 Years
Last week Led Zeppelin fans celebrated the band’s iconic fourth album’s 40th birthday. If you dusted off your original vinyl copy and bought a new needle for the occasion, one thing is for certain: you’re getting old.
Many fans however took advantage of special pricing for the album set for the occas…
David Lee Roth Video Endorses Van Halen Lullaby Album
Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth recommends the new album of lullaby versions of the band’s songs to sooth your kid. It probably didn’t hurt that his sister Lisa is responsible for the ‘Rockabye Baby’ series, including the new ‘Renditions …
Classic Albums Come To Life! [VIDEO]
Check this Video out! Terry Gilliam of Monty Python fame would be proud.
Speaking of album covers, make sure you check out Sam Talkington's Classic Vinyl collection.
Just Push Play
With Aerosmith recently hinting that their in-the-works album will be out in May 2012, anticipation for new tracks from the classic rock group is at an all-time peak. Aerosmith bass player Tom Hamilton has issued a video update about the recording process from the group’s new studio:…

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