The Hold a Coke With Your Boobs Challenge [NSFW]
Um, yes. You heard me right. The latest social media trend is to raise awareness for breast cancer by holding a Coke between your boobs.
Much like last year's mass wet T-shirt contest, the Ice Bucket Challenge, this viral video campaign is sure to raise eyebrows, and a lot of money for charity..…
Pope Francis Approves Breast Feeding In Church (for infants)
Pope Francis has officially declared that there will be no need to exit mass to go to the lactation room.
Whilst baptizing 33 babies, he had this to say to the mothers:
"You mothers give your children milk, and even now, if they cry because they are hungry, breastfeed them...
Beer Cans For Boobs Tonight At The Powderhorn Lounge!
Everyone who listens to Sam Talkington knows he loves boobies and he wants to protect Montana's most abundant natural resource. Breast cancer is a scourge so the marketing geniuses here at the Hawk thought they would put the care and protection of your breasts in Sam's capable hands...
Jessica Simpson Squashes Rumors of Breast Reduction Surgery
According to a report earlier this week  in the Britain’s Sun tabloid, Jessica Simpson is sick of her large breasts because they “make her look” fat, and she is planning to have her most famous assets reduced before her November wedding to former NFL player Eric Johnson.
However, fans of Jessica’s do…
Epic Boob Stare Caught on Camera [VIDEO]
In this video, a youngster stares down a TV reporter’s amply-filled halter top like he’s just discovering the wonders of the female form for the first time. His sheepish — but not necessarily apologetic — look when caught is pretty priceless.