Hurricane Irene…Overhyped?
Do you think the hurricane was over-hyped by the media?  It seems like everyone these days likes to play the blame game, especially media.  Now in Hurricane Irene's aftermath, it's starting all over again. Ugh!
News Anchor Drops Awkward F-Bomb Live on Air [NSFW VIDEO]
WDBJ's Holly Pietrzak joined the oh-so-unfortunate list of anchors who have made Freudian slips on the air this week after she mixed up the word "luck" with, well, a word that rhymes with luck.
The visibly embarrassed Pietrzak quickly corrected herself, but allowed just enough …
Two Suns By 2012…Are You Kidding Me?
Ok, so I just read this article off of and it is says that we could potentially have 2 suns (for a brief period of time) by 2012.  My first thought was "Awesome!" then, of course, I realize the implications.  That could get really, really hot, like really hot...