Summer Fun – Billings Pools Opened Today
The swimming pools in Billings opened today at noon.  I'm sure the pools are busy today, but what happens in a couple of weeks?  The fun wears off and is it back to cell phones, video games and TV?  Not to sound like an old man, but here I go with the, "When I was your a…
Remember Summer?
With all of this snow on the ground I thought it was time to bring out this picture I have been saving from summer. I had a remote the day this was taken and Tim, Kara, Greg Self and Kelsey had stopped by the house for a couple of cold ones...
Billings, 3 Summer Hacks
Spent a little too much time outside this summer and got burned?  The aloe vera ice cubes work wonders.  Yeah, you can cut the plant open and wipe it on yourself.  The frozen cubes are just a little less sticky.
And yes, you could put regular ice in the beer cooler but why?  W...
How To Start A Day Off
Well the first thing you do is get on your bike and ride a hundred miles or so. Then at 8:30 or so have an ice cold Coors!
Ain't life grand!!!
5 Billings’ Summer Must-Do’s
Summer is on the way and I have come up with my top 5 things we must do in Billings before the the cold chill comes back on.

Go Swimming At Least Once

Summer wouldn't be summer without hitting the pool, lake or river. There's an unwritten law somewhere that says we must swim...
How Do You Deal With Work And Kids When School Is Out?
Summer vacation is only weeks away and once again, working parents will have to make arrangements to juggle child care with their work schedule.
I thought I'd ask around the office to see if any of the other parents had any recommendations and two of them brought up The Boys And Girls Club...
6 Tips to Packing a Better Party Cooler
Saturday is the official start of summer. So before we get to cooler talk, I feel obligated to include a gratuitous picture of chicks in bikinis:
You're welcome. Ok, back to the subject at hand.
A lot of people think they're great party hosts, but they have no cooler packing skil…
Think Twice Before Installing A Pool
As a kid I always wanted to live in a house with my own pool. I did live in a few apartment complexes with a pool but it's still not the same as having one in the privacy of your own backyard. Billings can get pretty hot in the summer and I know a lot of people who wish they had their own priva…

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