Bullock Won’t Deploy Guardsman on a Whim
The Billings Gazette reports that Gov. Steve Bullock will never deploy Montana National Guard troops “based simply on the whim of the President’s morning Twitter habit.” The Democratic governor and possible contender for his party’s presi…
Technology Overload!
all I saw was the top of their heads in my rearview mirror as if they were in prayer the whole time the train went by. Of course their lips weren't moving, they were just bowing to the alter of the cell phone.
Another Reason To Hate Hollywood A**hats
The only thing worse than an internet troll is a petulant, narcissistic Hollywood celebrity with a smart phone. I worked among  these self important attention whores for around 10 years in the tragically miss-named city of angels. And trust me, these people ARE as f*#ked up as is reported by TM…
The 5 Most Annoying Reactions to the ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale
You may be annoyed with some of the things your friends are posting on Facebook and Twitter about the 'Breaking Bad' finale. We are too, and thus decided to offer up a list of some of the most irritating reactions people are having towards the finale of (un)arguably the greatest show of al…

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