If you're ever really bored and you're looking for a fun way to kill time at work, you should check out the Missed Connections link on the Billings Craigslist page.  It's always good for a few laughs.

Missed Connections is a Craigslist forum where people attempt to contact or locate old friends, lost loves or random strangers they were too afraid to hit on at the Wal-Mart.  Here are some recent Missed Connections from right here in the Magic City, written by the 5 Biggest Losers in Billings.

The Albertson's on 27th Street
"You were at customer service around 9:30 a.m., in front of me, you tried getting something they didn't have, so got something else, then went down an isle and talked on phone. Doubt you will see this. If you do, let me know what you were trying to get there! Hope to talk soon."

The Stalker at Cabella's
"We connected the other day while you were helping me. I couldn't find the courage to ask you out when I saw you, but I will be back to see you soon. I see you walk out to your car parked between Sam's Club and Cabela's. Maybe we could meet there. I will wait for you out there the days I can and hopefully gain the courage to come talk to you. I felt like we had a real connection."

The Creepy Maintenance Man
"You work for the State of Montana in legal services. I see you often with your shorter friend. Your office is a cubicle on the second floor. I've been in your area several times here lately doing work on your ceiling"

The Street Walker
"You were walking on Custer Ave, I was driving. We looked at each other. You were wearing earth tone ski wear."

The Dominoes Pizza Delivery Girl
"You delivered pizza tonight for us during the game. The delivery was on the West End and I gave you a good sized tip. If you remember me and are interested, lets get to know each other".