Last week, VH1 posted an article on their website ranking the 15 Most Notorious Party Animals in Rock.  Before I read it, I thought that Keith Richards had to be #1.  They went with Keith Moon instead.  Which is a solid choice, the man did drive his car into a hotel pool after all.

Richards finished #2 on the VH1 list, followed by Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin and the infamous "toxic twins" from Aerosmith.  The VH1 article is decent, however several of rock 'n roll's wildest madman were conspicuously absent from their list.

For starters, where is Bon Scott?  Any guy who drowns in a pool of his own vomit is definitely among the greatest party animals in rock history.  Same goes for Jimi Hendrix.  The guy was tripping on 5 hits of acid during Woodstock, for God's sake.  Another member of the "27 club" is also worth of inclusion.  Not only did Jim Morrison overdose at age 27, but he drank so much whiskey that he actually exposed himself on stage.

Although his musical contributions pale in comparison to many of the legends on this list, former WASP guitarist Chris Holmes put on one of the most impressive displays of binge drinking ever witnessed.  His infamous "bottle of vodka in the pool scene" was, hands down, the most shocking moment of the classic late 80's documentary "The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2:  The Metal Years".

And finally, any list of rock's greatest party animals is incomplete without Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead.  This dude has been partying like there's no tomorrow since the late 60's, when he was a member of Jimi Hendrix's road crew.  After nearly 5 decades of boozing and using, Lemmy's lifestyle has finally caught up to him.  His doctors recently diagnosed him with diabetes, forcing him to switch from whiskey to wine.