Growing up in the suburbs of north Chicago, I was taught at an early age that the only form of humanity lower than a St. Louis Cardinals fan is a Green Bay Packer backer.

While I begrudgingly respect the tradition of their organization, I have learned to loathe cheeseheads.  Over the years , I've met hundreds of people who jumped on the Packers bandwagon, many of whom have never even stepped foot inside the state of Wisconsin.  If you've never eaten a deep fried cheese curd, you have absolutely no business cheering for Green Bay.

Which brings to mind the legendary tale of John Cochara.  This misguided Packer fan lives behind enemy lines, on the southern side of the Illinois-Wisconsin border.  Nearly two decades ago, Cochara was celebrating a Packers victory like many Green Bay fans behaving like a complete jackass.  The Bears fans at the bar had no other choice.  They had to grab him, throw him in the back of a truck, drive him to the state line and duct tape him to the border sign.  They also had the presence of mind to place a make shift sign over the "Welcome to Wisconsin" sign which read, simply, "Packer Fan".

If you should ever encounter a drunk, obnoxious cheesehead who just won't shut the hell up, tell them to go take a Lambeau leap.  And if that doesn't work, duct tape them to the nearest street sign.