It's that time again, and sadly it's been too long, for another pick from my favorite movies that are out there streaming right now. Most of the time these picks come from my go-to streaming service Netflix! Today's pick comes from a master of Cinema, John Carpenter and his classic 'The Thing'.

Screen Cap, Netflix

'The Thing' strives and succeeds to be what all Horror movies should be. Both a scary AND a good movie. I swear that 90% of modern horror movies sacrifice good story telling in their reckless pursuit to try and be as scary and/or as gory as possible.



Carpenter has done a great job of building palpable tension as his story unfolds.The story follows Kurt Russel's character and the rest of the research team as they struggle to uncover the identity of what appears to be an alien force that's taking over human hosts. You get a killer story combined with some very high tech (for the time) gore and death scenes.

So if you've got a Netflix account, you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't add 'The Thing' to your Instant Queue right now!