This year Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody turns 40.  Forty years ago that song came out and it is still being covered today and people are still trying to be half the front man Freddy Mercury was.  After reading that the song was turning 40 I started to think.  What are the top 5 Queen songs?  It's not a simple question.

Do you evaluate on hit status or on sheer talent.  Whether it was used in movies, or played at countless weddings.  Let's forget what charted best, which one of their songs was the most popular, or which was used to sell the most cars.  What are your top five Queen songs?  Which ones mean the most to you?  Here's mine.

1. Stone Cold Crazy

2. You're My Best Friend

3. Tie Your Mother Down

4. Need Your Loving Tonight

5. Who Wants To Live Forever

Possible the hardest top five list I've ever had to do.  Maybe I should have made it top 20.  How do you pick just five Queen songs?