This is my first winter in Billings and I'm officially over it.  I'm sick of the snow, the ice and the cold.  However, there is one silver lining to this awful weather, watching luxury cars get stuck in the snow.

Today, our night guy / webmaster J.P. and I had lunch at the Subway on 27th Street downtown.  On our way back to the Crowne Plaza Hotel, we saw a man in a fancy BMW get stuck in the snow.  Instead of helping him, we took bets on how long it would take him to get out.

I said 45 seconds.  J.P. said 60 seconds.  Turns out, I will buying J.P.'s lunch tomorrow.  As the poor guy kept lighting up his tires in a futile attempt to get out of a parking lot, we just laughed.  First, he tried to go forward, then back up, then forward, then back, then forward...eventually, after nearly 5 minutes he was finally able to get out.

As we all struggle to deal with the brutal winter weather, just take solace in the fact that your crappy work truck can get out of parking spot in half the time than a 70,000 luxury car.