So last weekend after Pub Golf the boyfriend and I decided to carve pumpkins, keep in mind this is our first Halloween together.  He waxed me!  He is a huge Kiss fan and managed to carve 4 in the time it took me to do one.

I'm the girl, I'm supposed to be crafty but I'm not...

If you need help too.  I found some great videos for this coming weekend.  My next pumpkin won't look like is was crafted by someone who can't even spell their own name.

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    How To Carve Halloween Pumpkins

    This one shows you how to make a pumpkin lantern.

  • 2

    Carving With A Pattern

    I think maybe I can trace?  Will see this weekend.

  • 3

    DIY - Pumpkin Carving

    These young ladies show us how to use a drill when carving our pumpkins.