Tonight's Powerball jackpot is worth $700 million.  Online Lotto says some people rub their lottery tickets on the bellies of pregnant women in hopes it will bring them good luck.  Some people wear their luck underwear when buying their Powerball tickets.  I don't think I own lucky underwear.  Some people rub a bald man's head, I've got that one covered.  Here are some interesting facts about the Powerball, if you are buying.  95% of Powerball tickets are computer-generated numbers.  Some people ask their employer for paycheck advances so they can purchase large amounts of Powerball tickets. Other players spend extra time in church.  They are praying that they win.  Here are some odds to consider.  You have better odds of...

becoming a Hollywood star...1 in 156 million

being struck by lightning in a given one year period...1 in 1 million

dying by asteroid...1 in 18,000

going to the ER with a pogo stick injury... 1 in 115,300

Good luck tonight!

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