Summer is on the way and I have come up with my top 5 things we must do in Billings before the the cold chill comes back on.

  • Go Swimming At Least Once

Summer wouldn't be summer without hitting the pool, lake or river. There's an unwritten law somewhere that says we must swim!

  • Find The Best Ice Cream In Town!

Nothing cools off a hot summer day like ice cream. It's even better when shared with a friend.

  • Catch A Concert...Or Two!

After a long day it's time to get your party on. No better way to do that than to catch a concert.

  • Fire Up The BBQ

This is the perfect time to nail down that grilling recipe!

  • Take Lots Of Pictures

These are memories you are going to have for a very long time. Catch every moment you can!

Above all, get our there and have some fun.