I, like most people, love free stuff. Every so often I go onto to Craigslist to see what kind of deals I can find and also to check out the "Free" section.

Just because it says free doesn't mean it's a good deal though. In fact, some people just want you to haul off their garbage because they don't want to. In other cases you wonder what the real story is behind this so-called free goody.

I went to the site and checked out what our Billings -- and surrounding Montana -- neighbors had to offer today.

Other than having a big bonfire and then using the dirt to put it out when it's over, I'm not so sure someone would really like the scrap for this. Maybe the ceiling fan?

Thank you for putting the effort in to washing the poop before you give it to me for free. Nothing like some good 'ol poo to fertilize the yard.

I don't know about you, but one mud flap goes a long way on snowy roads. The hard part is trying to figure out which wheel well do I choose to put it on.

This is probably valuable to someone but essentially you have to to pay in the end which makes this not free right?

Just adding this one because it just looks fun. There are so many bad jokes that could go along with this one but I will refrain from those.

If your post made the list, please don't be offended. Consider it more free advertising to get rid of your stuff.

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