Craigslist use to be the go-to place to sell your stuff online. In the early 2000s (prehistoric in internet time), if you wanted to sell something you went straight to the web's version of classified ads. Free to post! Reach thousands! The internet!! It was life-changing.

Before that, you may have posted your items in the classified section of the newspaper or posted them in a weekly shopper paper like the Thrifty Nickel. Waaay back in the day, you maybe even bought or sold stuff on the radio with an on-air garage sale style program that usually aired on Saturday mornings and was usually called "tradio." People would call in and announce what they were offering and others would then call in and buy it. It was pretty quaint and kind of entertaining in an old-timey way.

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Then came Facebook Marketplace, where it's now super easy to sell or giveaway your stuff with just a few clicks. I recently sold four used window air conditioners and they were all sold in mere minutes. Maybe I should have asked for more money, but I just wanted them out of my shed.

Somewhat surprisingly, people DO still post stuff on Craigslist. I'm not really sure why... maybe they're not Facebook users, maybe they're "boomers" or maybe they're just covering their bases to market their used junk stuff? Either way, a recent look at Billings Craigslists "Free" section found some pretty interesting items. Keep reading to check them out. By the way, the Bozeman page for free stuff seems to have a lot cooler items. Of course they do.

9 Oddities on Billings Craigslist FREE Section

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