Whether it's the snow and cabin fever, or the fact that St. Patrick's Day is coming up, I've found myself thinking back on some epic pub crawls I've had with friends over the years. I've always liked heading to the bar with a few buddies over kickin' back with one at home, but maybe I'm just an extrovert. Here are my top five reasons it's better to drink with friends:

1. Designated Drivers 

Usually you have one buddy who doesn't want to drink, or didn't get permission from his wife.  So there's your designated driver. And nobody wants to be this guy. 

2. You Can Be Yourself

Don't worry about being judged. When you're drinking with friends, no one will hold you accountable for saying or doing something out of character. And there's always the one friend that keeps you from doing the really stupid thing.

3. Lots of Great Memories

Well, you won't remember much, but you'll have all your buddies to remind you and show you the pictures.

4. You have Multiple Wing Men

Even if she says no the first time, you can send in reinforcements. At the very least, you can try out their new pick up lines.

5. There's Always Someone Willing to "Buy Another Round"

If you are short on cash, fear not, most friends will step up with another shot. Just remember to hit them back the next time you head out.

If you're looking for an opportunity to drink with friends, grab four of your besties and sign up for St. Patty's Pub Golf Classic this Saturday, March 9.  We're sippin' drinks and sinkin' putts at nine of Billings' best bars and pubs with a chance to win cash prizes. CLICK HERE to get your team entered for the 2019 St. Patty's Pub Golf Classic!

St. Patty's Pub Golf Classic



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