Have you signed up your team for Halloween pub golf yet?  Don't feel any pressure to dress up.  But it does make it a lot more fun.  The best costumes last year were the homemade ones.  The ones that people seemed to pair with their personality.

Ok, here's the link.  Now you can get your team signed up.  Sam and I hope to see you on Saturday.

  • Joe Raedle,Getty Images
    Joe Raedle,Getty Images


    Only one team wins but if you do win, it's cash.

  • Adam Berry,Getty Images
    Adam Berry,Getty Images

    Day Drinking is encouraged

    Got a great buzz before noon on a Saturday?  No guilt here, we expect you to drink during pub golf.  Will help you get a cab if you need one.

  • Dylan Ayer, TSM
    Dylan Ayer, TSM


    You can be anyone you want in a costume.  And if you drink too much, you can claim to be someone else.

  • Dylan Ayer, TSM
    Dylan Ayer, TSM

    Making New Friends

    Meet the girl in the black last year during Pub Golf.  She is from the area of the world as I am.  We are both from tiny towns in the northeast corner of Nebraska.

  • Stuart Franklin,Getty Images
    Stuart Franklin,Getty Images

    Golf Clubs

    At what other point in your life can you walk into a bar with a single golf club and not have people a little scared!?