Last week/weekend my social feeds were suddenly flooded with #daughterday and then a day or two later it was apparently #sonsday. I don't remember seeing either of them last year and there were no traces in my Facebook memories that reflected either of the "days".

There are quite a few other "National Days" that you might see showing up in your social media news feed in October, so put down the pumpkins for a minute and get your snapchats ready for these fun days, coming this month to your social apps.

  • Oct 1 National Homemade Cookies Day. When a new month starts with homemade cookies, we're in. Don't forget to take a picture so your friends can be envious of your mad cookie baking skills. #cookiemonster
  • Oct 4 National Taco Day. Expect your feed to be chock-full of taco pictures. I alway felt like this day should land somewhere in the spring or summer, but tacos are great year-round. #tacolife
Credit: Getty Images/Monica Schipper
  • Oct 6 National Coaches Day. Coaches have my respect. I don't think you could pay me enough to be one, especially coaching something like high school football. Or soccer or basketball. Parents screaming at you and armchair experts questioning your every decision is way more Tums and Xanax than I can handle. If you follow #sports expect to see lots of #coaches showing up in your Tweets on Oct. 6th
Credit: Giakas

Oct 13 National No Bra Day. October keeps getting better when this famous day takes over your Instagram. Women reportedly can't wait to get home from work to take them off, and men allegedly encourage this practice. Seriously though, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we encourage regular mammograms. #savethetatas

Credit: Photovova

Oct 18 National No Beard Day. Think this one out carefully guys, because shaving your beard on this day could make or break your Halloween costume, depending on what you think you're going to be. If you really need a sweet porn-stache for your costume and you can't grow one back in 12 short days, maybe you shouldn't participate in #nobeardday.  

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Oct 27 National American Beer Day. I told you October had some great days. Monks and Austrians may be considered the forefathers of fermenting beer, but you have to admit we're doing a pretty good job here in the U.S. of A.  Expect lots of #beer posts from the brewers and beer companies to show up in your feed on this day.

Credit: Michael Foth TSM

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