Need a break from non-stop COVID-19 news? Me too. So let's talk about motorcycles for a moment. Really, really fast motorcycles. Like the Hayabusa pictured above. This beast is for sale and if you should decide to purchase it you'll be responsible for 650 horsepower. INSANE!

The Hayabusa was the fastest production bike for many years until it was eventually dethroned by the Kawasaki ZX-14R. A stock Suzuki Hayabusa puts out around 170 HP +/-. It's way fast enough from the factory for most people. The durable engine in the 'Busa is a favorite for drag race bikes, whose riders often modify with turbos. Some of the fastest motorcycles you'll see at the Great American Championship Motorcycle Hill Climb in Billings each year are running Hayabusa engines. The sound they make when they rip the throttle is enough to give me goosebumps.

This particular bike is ridden by Becci Ellis, the World's Fastest Woman, who attained a verifiable speed record of 264.1 MPH in 2014. The record stands to this day. As you might guess, this monster Hayabusa is far from stock. A short list of mods include:

  • Garrett GT35 turbo (supplied by GT Turbos)
  • Flowed & polished cylinder head
  • Weisco low compression pistons
  • Carrillo conrods
  • Balanced crank (Alex Macfadzean Balancing Services)
  • Undercut gearbox
  • Billet output shaft, with BDR Outrigger
  • Billet selector shafts,
  • UPPERTON lock-up clutch
  • Redesigned Intake charge cooler
  • Cold side boost controller

Plus dozens of other upgrades to the motor, suspension and brakes. Wanna' buy it? It's listed for 30,000 pounds (it's in the UK) or about $34,000 USD. Plus shipping. That actually seems like a bargain.

Side note: When I reached out to Becci via Messenger about getting permission to use the picture, I asked her how things are going in the UK with the coronavirus. She said,

Unfortunately its manic in the UK too. Everything is closing down and we are being told to self isolate. Hopefully it will get better soon. All the best to you during this bad time.

Agreed. I can't wait to get back to worrying about motorcycle parts instead of our sanity, health and well being.

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