I know this is not what you all want to hear but the busiest road in Montana will start a major construction project on Monday. Main Street in the Heights is due for a major resurfacing and overlay with new signage. So, for you folks that use it on a regular basis, bad news. You want more? It's going to be narrowed down to two lanes which will bottle things up a bit. You want some more bad news? The project is not slated for completion until late 2021 like November or December-ish. I know, but it has to be done.

The good news is there are some alternate routes now that you can take with Lake Elmo or the new Bench connector, so just a big heads up. Starting next week we will have "Win Them Before You Buy Them" Travis Tritt tickets as he is coming on July 31st. Then, possibly by next week, we might have some info on the Flakes Trip for January. We're still trying to put together the final details. So, have a great weekend and don't forget about Monday in the Heights. See ya then at 5.

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