If I mention the movie "Total Recall", what's the first thing you think of?  Yep, the alien chick with THREE BOOBS.  Well, it's no longer science fiction.


21-year-old Jasmine Tridevil is a masseuse in Tampa, Florida, and she recently spent $20,000 to have a THIRD BOOB implanted on her chest.

She says she did it because she's SICK OF MEN, and figured a third boob would make her UNATTRACTIVE to guys.  Which, if you know ANYTHING about guys, is clearly a WILD miscalculation on her part.  If anything, guys will now be MORE intrigued by her.

If all this sounds like a wild publicity stunt to get attention, you're absolutely right.  Jasmine admitted another one of her goals is to have a reality show on MTV.

She says she talked to at least 50 doctors before one agreed to give her the third breast.  He couldn't give her a nipple or areola so she had one tattooed on.

(And here's a video Q&A with her.)


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