I got a phone call from one of our listeners in Billings, Montana Tuesday morning. He said that due to the demand from the coronavirus, he heard that Albertsons grocery stores are basically hiring on the spot if anyone shows up healthy and looking for work. Tim spotted a Facebook post apparently shared by an Albertsons manager.

Great news. I spoke with one Albertsons store manager in Billings who said he can confirm that they are indeed hiring "on the spot." The store manager couldn't speak for other locations across Montana, but confirmed that all of the Billings stores are looking to fill several positions. The manager noted that job seekers will have to fill out an application and complete a background check, but are "hiring immediately and putting people to work."

The pay will depend on the experience level of the applicant. More info to follow as we get it, but the store manager is certainly encouraging job seekers to drop in to their nearest Albertsons in Billings.

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Here's an additional note shared to Facebook by Albertsons on Wednesday:


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