Alvin Kamara may have become a two-sport athlete today.

The Saints star running back hit up the powder in Montana for his first time snowboarding and he already looks like a natural. Granted, he's one of the most gifted athletes on the planet, anyone who has been snowboarding or skiing knows that there is definitely a learning curve.

Kamara took the curve and jumped right over it.

Some Saints fans were nervous to see their favorite running back flying down a hill at high speeds, but it looks like Kamara had things well under control.

One thing we love about Kamara is how much he handles business but always finds a way to have fun, both on and off the field. If there is any takeaway from watching him have this type of fun is that we should all try to live our best lives.

By the time this trip is over, Kamara might just be joining the ranks of Bo Jackson, Charlie Ward, Michael Jordan, and numerous other dual-sport athletes.

I guess if you count his recent NASCAR venture, that would make three.

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